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Colorado Brewers Festival – 2012

Posted by on June 23, 2012

Today I attended the Colorado Brewers Festival, put on by the Fort Collins Downtown Business Association. So did these guys. I suspect they drank a bit more than I did.


There’s a bit of a story behind that photo, but I’ll get to that.

I worked as a volunteer through the middle of the day. (I’ve written more about my experiences on my Google+ page. Things didn’t go as smoothly as I’ve seen at other events I’ve volunteered at. For now, I’m just going to leave it at that.) I was so wiped out after my shift that I went home to eat and crash. Then I headed back to the Festival to get some tastes of beer.

I started out with an Irish Red Ale, by Equinox Brewing. It was good, though a bit more bitter than I prefer. Then I stood in the Funkwerks line, which was the longest I saw at the event, to get some of their Tropic King, which was also very good. And I had a nice conversation with a guy that recently moved to Denver from Arizona. They decided to move because it was just too hot in AZ. (The heat didn’t seem to phase him.) Since I’ve had both Equinox and Funkwerks beers before, I decided I really should try something new and different. So I ended up at the Crazy Mountain tent where I tried their Lava Lake Wit. I was smitten. The stuff has (get this) chamomile in it. I know, right. (You either just nearly barfed up your lunch or you got really eager and excited. Rob leaned towards barfland. But I was quite happy. And Rob wasn’t there with me. So he didn’t get to taste the beer. He just got my description. Once I buy some and bring it home, we’ll get his honest opinion.) Drinking Lava Lake Wit is like having some Sleepy Time Tea flavored beer. It’s perfect for a cozy night of reading on the front porch. I went back and got a second taster of the stuff, I liked it so much.

At this point I was feeling just fine and decided it was time to head home. But I wanted to remember the name of the folks with the chamomile beer. So I decided to snap a picture of their tent.


Right after taking that picture, two guys walked past. One asked if I had been trying to take a photo of him. I assured him that I was just trying to get a photo of the tent so I wouldn’t forget the name of the beer. He insisted that I really just wanted a picture of him so I might as well just go ahead and take one. … So I did. That’s the pic at top.

It was a crazy hot day. (The Key Bank sign said it was 101°F.) I’m utterly exhausted and have a dehydration headache despite downing many, many glasses of water and juice (and a bit of beer). But I’ve found a great new beer that’s available at Wilbur’s. I met several volunteers as well as the dude in the Funkwerks line, and I’ve got a powder blue Brewer’s Fest t-shirt to commemorate the day. All in all I think I’d have to say it was a win.

I watched people get tats painted on while I sipped my beer.

I watched people get tats painted on while I sipped my beer.

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