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“Organic Energy” – The First Transformer

Posted by on June 30, 2012

In 2006, the city of Fort Collins decided to start letting artists paint the transformer cabinets around town, both as a means of beautifying the area as well as to combat graffiti. That first year, I believe only one project was completed – 6 transformer boxes. The artwork was entitled “Organic Energy” and was painted by Amelia Caruso in Tenney Alley, which is the alley next to Enzio’s.



One transformer box stands apart from the other four boxes and has been colored somewhat differently, but Amelia still lists it as being a part of the “Organic Energy” installation on her website.


You can also find Amelia Caruso’s work near the Little Bird Bakeshop at Walnut and Linden. (Little Bird is my son’s all time favorite bakery.)


She’s got a box in the Olive Street parking lot between the Fedex store and the Chocolate Cafe. (OK, so Little Bird is my son’s favorite bakeshop. The Chocolate Cafe is mine. Mmmmmm.)


Amelia has also painted a box that stands at the corner of E. Drake and S. Stover, but I’ve never seen it. (I don’t have a website called North of Prospect just because I thought it would sound cool. I make an occasional dash south of the border, but my day to day life really is lived for the most part on the north side.)

To see much better pictures of Amelia’s transformer boxes than what I’ve presented here, to hear her take on how the project is going, and to get some of the stats on how much money this is saving the city, check out Amelia’s transformer box page.

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