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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Alley Art

I enjoy the bits of art scattered about town, often in completely unexpected places. I’ve already mentioned the painted transformer boxes, as well as two local sculptures. There’s a city-wide program called Art in Public Places that overseas a lot of what turns up around town (not just the transformer boxes but also the painted … Continue reading »

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Dance Formation Damaged

On June 10th I snapped this photo of a sculpture in Martinez Park. It’s often struck me as an almost forgotten piece, always watching over the comings and goings of the nearby bike trail. Recently, the statue has suffered misfortune. A month after taking that first photo, I passed by to find that one of … Continue reading »

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Black River

On Tuesday, I took a walk along the river. We had some wonderful rain this past weekend, which was sorely needed. But it came down in such intense bursts that it lead to flooding in some areas. It also washed a lot of the ashes and soot down out of the mountains and into the … Continue reading »

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