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Dance Formation Damaged

Posted by on July 14, 2012

On June 10th I snapped this photo of a sculpture in Martinez Park.


It’s often struck me as an almost forgotten piece, always watching over the comings and goings of the nearby bike trail.

Recently, the statue has suffered misfortune. A month after taking that first photo, I passed by to find that one of the dancers had been decapitated.


I don’t know if it was vandalism or if the recent rain and wind has taken its toll. But the feel of the piece is definitely a bit more on the macabre side now. The dancer on the right seems to be leaning slightly away from her decapitated friend.

I searched online to see if anyone had posted information on this sculpture and was delighted to find a old Lost Fort Collins post that I’d never read before. It’s interesting to note that even 4 years ago, Cat referred to the statue as dying art. The statue was carved by Richard Scorpio from a tree that had died in front of City Hall back in 1984. The sculpture was moved from its former location to this out of the way little spot in Martinez Park in 2004.


I also had to laugh when I saw Cat’s post with its suggestion of which present day statue should be moved from its current location. She had photoshopped “Transcend” onto the train tracks on Mason Street. The statue had been sculpted in Old Town Plaza by Collen Nyanhongo with the intention that it would remain in that location. The opportunity to watch an artist in action was a draw, but the art piece itself wasn’t particularly well received. “Transcend” (I’ve always referred to the statue as “the white running guy.”) was later moved, at great expense, to its current location at the corner of Maple and Mason, right across the street from the newly renovated/repaired Penny Flats and right by the same train tracks that Cat had placed the statue on in her post.

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