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Alley Art

Posted by on July 30, 2012

I enjoy the bits of art scattered about town, often in completely unexpected places. I’ve already mentioned the painted transformer boxes, as well as two local sculptures. There’s a city-wide program called Art in Public Places that overseas a lot of what turns up around town (not just the transformer boxes but also the painted pianos, murals, pavers, trash cans, and a few other little odds and ends).

"Sing-Along" by Ren Burke

“Sing-Along” by Ren Burke

But there are also quirky little bits of citizen created artwork where their property butts up against an alley. During my daily walks I’ve come across a few such art pieces that I thought I’d share. This first photo was taken in the alley bounded by Mountain, Sherwood, Oak and Whitcomb.

horseongarageNot shown in this photo is several paintings of flowers climbing up the fence to the left. (You can see one flower to the left in the pic, but there are more.) I love seeing this horse peek his head out at me as I walk by!This act of whimsy delighted me when I found it in a neighborhood near Laurel Elementary on the east side of Old Town. (This might have been in the alley between Eastdale Drive and Locust Street, but don’t hold me to that.) I wonder if they change out shoes for each season. Boots might be a little harder to hang, though.whimsywall

And though some might not call this art, I found the garden tools hanging around the outside of this garage to be a playful display that turned storage into an artform.

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