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Block 23 – Bikes, Trains, and Apartments, Oh My!

Posted by on February 26, 2014

Exiting a meeting at Daz Bog one morning in December, I looked up to see a whole herd of bicyclists heading my way. They were biking north on Mason, probably to check out the green way that’s been painted in for bicyclists as they cross the train tracks. The bikes turned east onto Cherry as I snapped this photo.

IMG_1837Just behind the bicyclists, to the right on the photo, will soon be a new apartment building called the Old Town Flats. The building will cover just under one acre of land and contain 94 apartments with a total of 123 bedrooms. It’ll be five stories high and include 84 parking spaces along with bicycle parking. Brinkman Partners is the builder, the same company that put up Penny Flats and the Mason Street Flats and Mason Street Flats @210 just across the street.


And there’s a rumor that other parts of this block will soon be developed as well, although there’s nothing yet on the city’s development review page about any upcoming projects.

Block 23 is one of the original blocks in the city of Fort Collins. That means that it was a part of the city before the city started adding on “additions.” But I don’t think any houses used to be located here. From what I’ve been able to piece together, this was part of a lumber mill. Another interesting note is that Mason didn’t used to be open to cars along this section. (More on that in an upcoming post.)

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