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Eva and James Howe… and their house.

In 1880, James and Eva Howe moved to Fort Collins where they eventually built a small one-story bungalow on Walnut street. Eva was a dark eyed beauty with a sweet and forgiving disposition. James was a millwright of great skill, but he had a penchant for drink. Though Eva was devoted to James and had … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Lincoln In Fort Collins

It’s Presidents Day! Another chance to explore the homage paid to American presidents in Fort Collins. I covered Washington’s presence last year, so this year it’s Lincoln’s turn. President Lincoln was well represented in Fort Collins’ city streets in the early days. North of Mountain Avenue was Lincoln Street, south of Mountain Avenue was Lincoln … Continue reading »

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Dermody Transfer

It seems like Fort Collins is going gangbusters these days, with Otterbox/Blue Ocean finishing up one new building and already planning the next, with Woodward Governor building a new and improved riverside campus, and with new townhouses and apartments going up like crazy all over town. But Fort Collins has seen its hard luck days … Continue reading »

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A River Runs Through It: The Poudre Overruns Its Banks

The average yearly rainfall in Fort Collins is 15.08 inches (based on data going back to 1893). The average September rainfall is 1.27 inches. (Western Regional Climate Center Data) We live between two city rain gauges. In the past 24 hours, one has received .91 inches and the other 1.14 inches of rain. In the … Continue reading »

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Sidewalk Disorder

As I walked my dogs through City Park this morning, I was dismayed to see a new sidewalk being put in along the northern end of the park. We have kids in this city that travel to and from school along arterial roads with no sidewalks where pedestrians, bicyclists, and trash trucks have to share … Continue reading »

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Development Review – An Overview

A quick review of this site’s (re)development: The (re)development of “North of Prospect” is nearly complete. Joomla is updated, the new theme has been tweaked, all of the old articles have been reuploaded, and I’ve got an email out to Intense Debate to see if I can re-hook up the old comments to the old … Continue reading »

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CSU and Surrounds

Every once in awhile as I’m walking the dogs in the morning, I remember what my friend Rogerio said when he visited from Brazil. He was amazed that our houses didn’t have walls around them. It seemed like no big deal to me. But as I see the photos he posts of houses around where … Continue reading »

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506 S. Washington – an example

During the Eastside/Westside community discussions, people occasionally asked, “What is the problem with people building a house to fit their family?” The response was often, “Nothing. But a lot of these new houses are being built and resold immediately.” When pushed for examples of houses built to be resold, none of us had a house … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Washington In Fort Collins

Several presidents are memorialized in Fort Collins. The two most prominent are Washington and Lincoln. Since this is the first Presidents’ Day in which I’ve had the North of Prospect blog, I thought I’d start with Washington and focus on Lincoln and the rest of the bunch some future Presidents’ Day. In 1894, a civil … Continue reading »

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Floor Area Ratio — Examples

The following is a list of houses on the west side of Old Town, Fort Collins that were built within the last 10 years or so. I took information on each house from the county property database and entered it into each table. I then calculated how these houses fit into the current FAR (Floor … Continue reading »

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