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Local History

Eva and James Howe… and their house.

In 1880, James and Eva Howe moved to Fort Collins where they eventually built a small one-story bungalow on Walnut street. Eva was a dark eyed beauty with a sweet and forgiving disposition. James was a millwright of great skill, but he had a penchant for drink. Though Eva was devoted to James and had … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Lincoln In Fort Collins

It’s Presidents Day! Another chance to explore the homage paid to American presidents in Fort Collins. I covered Washington’s presence last year, so this year it’s Lincoln’s turn. President Lincoln was well represented in Fort Collins’ city streets in the early days. North of Mountain Avenue was Lincoln Street, south of Mountain Avenue was Lincoln … Continue reading »

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Dermody Transfer

It seems like Fort Collins is going gangbusters these days, with Otterbox/Blue Ocean finishing up one new building and already planning the next, with Woodward Governor building a new and improved riverside campus, and with new townhouses and apartments going up like crazy all over town. But Fort Collins has seen its hard luck days … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Washington In Fort Collins

Several presidents are memorialized in Fort Collins. The two most prominent are Washington and Lincoln. Since this is the first Presidents’ Day in which I’ve had the North of Prospect blog, I thought I’d start with Washington and focus on Lincoln and the rest of the bunch some future Presidents’ Day. In 1894, a civil … Continue reading »

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Fort Collins’ First Junior High Formed in 1922

On Saturday, September 2, 1922, an announcement was made on the front page of the Fort Collins Courier regarding changes being made in the public schools. Of particular interest to me was the formation of Fort Collins very first junior high school. The summary of the article, printed just under the title, stated: The topic … Continue reading »

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I’ve Found a Start Date for the Junior High!

I have been researching the start date of what is now Lincoln Middle School, originally Fort Collins Junior High, for just over a year now. The search has provided several speculative dates, but nothing substantial or specific. …until now. I believe that I have found the month and year that Fort Collins had its first … Continue reading »

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It’s Too Late Baby

After many meetings and discussions, much research and a fair bit of community advocacy, it looks like the house on Whitcomb is still going to be torn down and replaced with something at least twice its size. But I get ahead of myself here. Let me back up. Back in April, I heard about a … Continue reading »

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“Old Town,” the Birthplace of Fort Colllins

A flyer came in the mail last week from a local real estate agent. Her focus is on the Old Town area of Fort Collins and she included a map on her brochure letting you know exactly what that means. That map really intrigued me. It included areas that I don’t generally think of as … Continue reading »

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